We had a supporter from across the country send us a nice write up on setting up a home studio. By Derek Cannon.


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How to Create a Home Music Studio for Your Budding Musician

Are you looking for ways to support your budding musician at home and maybe even spare your ears in the process? While it’s no small undertaking, building a music studio in your home is a wonderful way to support your child’s passion. Done right, it can even serve as a multi-purpose space for all kinds of performing arts and noise-making activities.

Prepare for the Costs

Whether it’s remodeling a bathroom or building a music room, home renovations cost money. Here’s what to know about paying for it.

  • Remodeling an unfinished basement can easily cost 10 percent of a home’s value.
  • Spare bedrooms and living areas tend to be cheaper to renovate since they’re already finished and have few fixtures.
  • No matter where you put a music room, you’ll need a way to pay for it. Home equity loans, HELOCs, and cash-out refinancing are popular ways to pay for renovations.

Pay Attention to Sound

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that sound — both preventing and improving it — is the most important aspect of any music studio. Here’s what to know about soundproofing and acoustics in your home music room.

  • At an average cost of $1,700, soundproofing a room won’t break the bank. Popular soundproofing materials include wall panels and soundproof drywall.
  • For a budget-friendly option, consider textured wall paint. Acoustical paint can reduce noise by up to 30 percent.
  • Acoustic room treatment is important too. Acoustic treatment uses a combination of absorption and diffusion to improve sound quality.

Create Storage

Storage is also key, especially if you plan to use your new space for purposes other than music-making. With clever storage solutions like these, your music studio can transform into a home theater, dance studio, craft room, or even home office in the blink of an eye.

  • Building a closet is easier than you think. With a few carpentry basics, you can build a closet in an empty room.
  • Also, build custom closet shelves for whatever you need to store.
  • Need an instrument storage solution? This DIY guitar rack looks so good, you’ll love having instruments on display!
  • If you have a lot of cables to wrangle, try some of these clever solutions.

Keep It Clean

Like any space, a home music studio is bound to get messy. Use these tips to keep it clean.

  • Dust is your enemy in a home music studio. Use dust covers to keep dust from accumulating on piano keyboards and other gear.
  • Never spray cleaning products directly on electronics. Instead, spray cleaner on a microfiber cloth then wipe gently.
  • Choose the right products for coronavirus prevention, and if you can’t find them in stores, learn how to make DIY cleaning products.

Your child will love having a space to explore their craft when you build a home music studio — and you’ll love having a soundproof room where they can practice to their heart’s content! Start planning your new multipurpose music room and enjoy the creativity (and quiet!) it brings to your home.