What Makes Boise Rock School Different

Since its inception in 2008, Boise Rock School has been led by the belief that the best way to get individuals excited about learning music is to have them play in a group. We believe the band setting, coupled with a strong curriculum and student-chosen songs, achieves better results than any other teaching method.

In addition to helping students achieve musical excellence, the band setting also encourages essential life skills such as group problem solving, compromise, and the value of positive social interactions.

Boise Rock School is so much more than just a place where students learn to play their instruments. We teach our students how to play songs (cover tunes of their choice in all genres and originally penned compositions), how to record those songs, how to perform those songs at a gig, and how to use those songs as an inspirational and exciting tool to contribute to our community.

We believe giving every student at Boise Rock School the opportunity to perform and share their musical accomplishments with an audience is a valuable and rewarding experience for everyone. In short, we develop the total musician.

From proper technique to creativity and songwriting, from music theory to listening and problem solving skills, we help students — both kids and adults — not only become better musicians, but better people.

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