Band Classes
  • 60-90 minute classes
  • Bands sorted by age and skill level
  • Studio recording opportunities!
  • Gigging experience!
Band Classes
Band Lab

First time playing in a band? First time on an instrument, but you want to try playing in a band? Interested in exploring multiple instruments? Or maybe you have some experience, but will have a hard time committing to a session band due to sports or other after school activities? We recommend trying our Band Lab classes – no prior instrument experience is required!

We’ve seen 10,000+ students in our history and band class students almost always get better on their instruments compared to their “instrument only” peers.

Band Lab classes will explore different aspects of music in a group setting which includes: learning a song and jamming as a band, learning basic music theory and how to apply it to the songs you’re playing, learning about songwriting and recording, and much more!

Band Lab, at times, can be larger than your typical ensemble, including more than one drummer, singer, or keyboard player at a time. The emphasis is to experience what it’s like to play with a group of peers while learning important fundamentals of music, while not being tied down to the commitment and expectations of our Session Bands. Students will also learn valuable life skills such as interpersonal communication, group problem solving, compromise and the value of positive social interactions.

Class Options - Students will attend same class each week
Ages 6 - 8
Ages 9 - 12
Ages 13+
Session Band

For those of you who want to experience firsthand what it’s like to play and commit to a band, we recommend a Session Band! These classes are a “level up” of both commitment, goals, and skill level. Session Bands are modeled after your typical rock/pop ensembles with drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals.

Session bands will work hard at learning cover songs and writing their own songs for our big End of Session gig held every season, and extracurricular gig opportunities are available for interested bands! Session Bands will also work on individual skills on their instruments during our “theory or skills” block during each class. The rest of the class will be dedicated to learning, writing and recording songs.

We ask that students have some experience on their instrument, the ability to compromise and work well in a group setting, and have commitment for regular attendance for the session. This is what the “ultimate band” does!

Class Options - Students will attend same class each week
Ages 6 - 12
Ages 13+