Empowering the Boise All-ages Scene

Boise All-ages Movement Project (B-AMP) is a nonprofit dedicated to establishing an all-ages, inclusive music/arts venue led by professional mentors to empower youth leadership and foster a creative community. We’re focused on providing opportunities for 13-24 year olds and equipping this important community with the means to grow.

Advocacy for the creative economy and development of a music community for all is a vital part of B-AMP’s ongoing mission. Beyond the creation and management of a working venue space, B-AMP will continue its advocacy work by developing sustainable and accessible opportunities for all ages.

Benefits of B-AMP
Meet the
Executive Director
Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker has been involved in the performing arts as a musician, show promoter, venue manager, and booking agent for over 20 years—almost 15 of which have been in the Treasure Valley. He has been a member of numerous bands, orchestra accompaniment for musicals, recording member, and has facilitated many more albums through the record label he founded called Sunless Sea Records.

For 10 years he ran an all-ages venue out of the Flying M Coffeegarage in Nampa, ID. Nathan has been a staff member assisting in the execution of Treefort Music Fest every year since its inception. Through Duck Club Touring, Nathan books tours for traveling bands and advises overall artist management.

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If you have any questions, or simply want to drop us a line, we love hearing from our awesome community!